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Makeup Artist

Unleash your creative potential with Passion Beauty Academy’s Makeup Artistry Certificate.

Annual earning potential

Service cost: $30 – $300
Clients per week
$7,800 – $78,000
Clients per week
$15,600 – $156,000
Clients per day (Studio)
$109,500 – $1,095,500


Program Overview
Unleash your creative potential with Passion Beauty Academy’s Makeup Artistry Certificate. This program is meticulously crafted to immerse students in the world of color, teaching them to recognize and utilize color combinations to accentuate and enhance facial features. Beyond the basics, the curriculum delves into various makeup applications, including day, evening, bridal, glamour, and exotic styles.

Furthermore, the program doesn’t just stop at techniques; it also provides insights into the thriving bridal market and essential strategies to market your freelance business. Whether you’re an aspiring makeup artist or a professional looking to refine your skills, this program offers a comprehensive approach to mastering the art and business of makeup.

Career Opportunities
The beauty industry is witnessing unprecedented growth, with a soaring demand for specialized aesthetic services. Our program provides hands-on training, equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed in the diverse world of makeup artistry. We’ll guide you through career opportunities, job-seeking strategies, and employment acquisition. Upon completion, you’ll be ready to shine in medical spas, doctor’s offices, or even launch your own venture. Passion Beauty Academy is dedicated to supporting students from enrollment through to graduation, ensuring a smooth transition into the professional world.

Unit 1

Program Module Outline

  • Sanitation and Sterilization- Infection Control
  • Colour Theory
  • Facial Anatomy and Shapes
  • Client Consultation
  • Facial Features
  • Contouring and Highlighting Techniques
  • Precision Eyebrow Shaping
  • Step-by-Step demonstrations for all applications
  • Day Step-By-Step Application

Unit 2

Program Module Outline

  • Evening Step-By-Step Applications
  • Classic Bridal Makeup Applications
  • Mature Makeup Applications
  • Everyday Makeup Applications
  • Glamour Application- Smokey Eye
  • History of the Cosmetic Industry
  • Corrective techniques for photography
  • Professional Image
  • All About Lashes
  • Business Management- Entrepreneurial skills

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