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Microblading certificate

Crafting Precision: Passion Beauty Academy’s Mastery in Microblading for Timeless Brow Perfection.

Annual earning potential

Service cost: $30 – $300
Clients per week
$7,800 – $78,000
Clients per week
$15,600 – $156,000
Clients per day (Studio)
$109,500 – $1,095,500


Elevate your beauty expertise with Passion Beauty Academy’s Microblading Certificate. This course is meticulously designed to teach the art of crafting natural-looking, realistic hair strokes in eyebrow permanent makeup using the manual Microblading technique, often referred to as eyebrow embroidery. This transformative skill allows you to address a range of eyebrow concerns, from thinning brows and bald spots to complete brow reconstruction and conditions like alopecia. Empower your clients with the confidence of impeccably groomed brows that stand the test of time, eliminating daily concerns of smudging, smearing, or fading.

Unit 1

Theoretical Application

  • Deep Dive into Skin Anatomy
  • Mastering Colour Theory & Anesthetic Use
  • Understanding Hand Tools & Needles
  • Art of Eyebrow Designing
  • Precision in Face Mapping
  • Techniques for Outlining Brow Design
  • Mastery of 3D Hair Stroke Techniques
  • Perfecting Hand Tool Holding Position
  • Techniques for Skin Support during Microblading

Unit 2

Practical Applications

  • Ensuring Cross Contamination Prevention
  • Proper Use of Protective Equipment
  • Mastery of Sterilization Processes
  • Establishing a Safe Workplace & Procedures
  • Procedure Setup Best Practices
  • Live Demonstrations by Expert Instructors
  • Hands-on Student Practice on Real Models

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