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Embrace the Art of Touch: Passion Beauty Academy’s Journey into Swedish Massage Excellence

Annual earning potential

Service cost: $30 – $300
Clients per week
$7,800 – $78,000
Clients per week
$15,600 – $156,000
Clients per day (Studio)
$109,500 – $1,095,500


The beauty and wellness industry is expanding rapidly, with a heightened demand for skilled massage therapists. Our program provides hands-on training, preparing you for the diverse facets of medical aesthetics. We’ll guide you through career opportunities, job-seeking strategies, and employment acquisition. Upon completion, you’ll be primed for roles in medical spas, doctor’s offices, or even your own venture. Passion Beauty Academy is committed to supporting students from enrollment through to graduation, ensuring a seamless transition into the professional realm.

Theoretical Applications

  • History of Massage & Body Systems
  • Relaxation Massage Techniques & Essential Oils Incorporation
  • Anatomy, Physiology & Benefits of Massage
  • Posture, Hygiene & Contraindications for Massage
  • Room Setup, Equipment, & Product Essentials
  • Sanitization Best Practices
  • Homecare & Follow-up Treatments

Practical Applications

  • Full Back, Shoulder, Leg, Foot, Stomach, Arm, Hand, Neck, Décolletage, Face & Ear Massages
  • Relaxation & Aromatherapy Massage Techniques: Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction, Percussion, & Vibration

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