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Revitalize and Renew: Passion Beauty Academy’s Expertise in Microneedling for Skin Transformation and Rejuvenation.

Annual earning potential

Service cost: $30 – $300
Clients per week
$7,800 – $78,000
Clients per week
$15,600 – $156,000
Clients per day (Studio)
$109,500 – $1,095,500


Dive into the transformative world of microneedling with Passion Beauty Academy’s Medical Microneedling Certificate. Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive procedure designed to rejuvenate the skin and address concerns like acne scars and stretch marks. By creating controlled micro-injuries using fine needles, the treatment stimulates collagen production, promoting skin healing and revitalization. These tiny punctures, while sounding intimidating, are merely surface-level pin-pricks, ensuring minimal discomfort while maximizing results.

Our program provides a comprehensive understanding of the procedure, from the science behind collagen production to the practical application of the technique. Whether you’re new to the field or a seasoned professional, this program offers a deep dive into the art and science of microneedling, ensuring you’re equipped to offer this sought-after treatment to clients.

Theoretical Applications

  • Introduction to the World of Microneedling
  • Deep Dive into Skin Anatomy & Physiology
  • Disease & Infection Control Best Practices
  • Understanding Fitzpatrick Skin Typing
  • Unveiling the Benefits of Microneedling
  • Recognizing Contraindications of Microneedling
  • Mastering Patient Consultation Techniques
  • Preparing the Skin for Microneedling
  • Treatment Protocols for Diverse Conditions
  • Recommendations on Skin Care Ingredients
  • Ensuring Safety, Sanitation, and Sterilization

Practical Applications

  • Mastery of Sanitization, Disinfection, and Recognizing Contraindications
  • Hands-on Practice on Mannequins
  • Real-world Experience with Live Models

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